Caring tips Washroom and Bathroom


Toilet hygiene is often overlooked, especially the toilet is a public toilet. Well, because the toilet is closely related to the landfill “waste”, the sanitary toilet is often completely overlooked. Perhaps in our minds, to obtain good sanitation will require huge costs.


This perception is wrong. Huge cost is going to make your toilet looks beautiful, but not necessarily sanitation. Whether or sanitation in the toilet does not depend on how beautiful your toilet, but the following points:

It is the cornerstone of the toilet. Do not let your toilet without ventilation. If it was not ventilated, make sure you have an exhaust fan toilet.

The smell of dirt.
The smell indicates the presence of bacteria. Escherichia coli is the bacteria that cause spoilage H2S gas.

The smell of urine.
Our urine contains ammonia. It is toxic and is not very good if inhaled, not only because it smells pungent, but also ammonia is very toxic for breathing.

Water sanitation.
In some of the water that I have ever met, turned out to have an iron content is high enough. Its characteristics are emerging as rust stains on the bathroom wall. Noda is very destructive wall of the bathroom, which is in turn the breeding of germs.

The use of cleaning bathrooms.
Do not use cleaning bathrooms excessively. The workings of the cleaning fluid in addition to lifting stains, kills germs. When used in excess, then the bacteria in drains and septic tanks will die so that the process of decay dirt will be hampered. As a result, you will be obstructed drains, quickly filled, and so on. Use moderation.

Use caustic soda.
The workings of caustic soda, is by stimulating the growth of spoilage bacteria in the drain so the water channel remains smooth. Use 1x 1x a week to a month.


Brush your bathroom regularly every day.
We never know what germs are in the bathroom. In addition, brushing every day will make the job of cleaning the bathrooms to be mild.

Take your time 3-5 minutes per day to do so.
You can use soap, detergent, and anything other than a chemical cleaning fluid. If there is, look environmentally friendly, odorless, and does not spoil spoilage bacteria in the water channel.

Do not let your bathroom moss. Moss will elaborate on your walls to the ground bit by bit. In addition to the breeding of germs, mildew will make your bathroom look filthy.

Make sure your drains are not blocked by objects “weird” like a toilet brush, toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, bottles, stones, sandals, shoes, and so on. There is no way to know other than dismantle it. So before it happens, make sure that these objects do not stray into the hole Toilet.

The bathroom door.
Use the bathroom door made of materials not wet and does not absorb water like fiber. Avoid using the bathroom door made of wood. Wood has the potential to become wet, mossy, the source of termites, cockroaches, centipedes, and so forth.

Do not let your bathroom in the dark, because it was so disliked by the bathroom. Certainly uncomfortable once were in the room narrow dark nan like it.

Use water instead of tissue,
to clean yourself after using the toilet. Nothing can replace the function of irrigation water in cleaning. So it will not be sufficient to use tissue, soap or other cleaning fluid.

Avoid putting stuff in UP bathroom floor.
Should be sure to allow a hanging on the bathroom wall. If using the carpet, do not let too valleys, wet, and smelled. Immediately overcome. The objects on the floor of the bathroom can be a source of odor.

Avoid the under-under in the bathroom.
Source under a lot coming from the bathtub, dressing table, and so on.

Use mothballs or deodorant eco-friendly bathroom to eliminate unpleasant odors.
You can also use aromatherapy oils are good for health. All these fragrances are not favored by bacteria and other decomposers creatures (cockroaches, centipedes, and so on). Use durable. Not effective to spray the bathroom with fragrances.