Fullerton Hotel Singapore, A Good Place for Your Staycation

Fullerton Hotel is a place in Singapore that will give you a good memory trip. The address of this place is 80 Collyer Quay, Marina Bay, Singapore, 049326. As you see, the location of this staycation place is very strategic. In this area, you will see many tourist destinations near the resort. So, you can make a good trip when you stay in this place.

Good Place to Stay

With a beautiful exterior design, this luxurious hotel looks marvelous. If you enter the lobby, you will see the miraculous interior design too. Not only costly, but it is also classic and Instagrammable. Whether when you are on a single trip or family trip, this place is very recommended.

In the morning, there will be some delicious food in your room. For example, you will get some Prata bread. It is a pan-fried Indian flatbread.

You can see it with dacha curry. Some other cuisines are good too, like danish, croissant, and muffins. You can also eat some yogurt. Like plain and fruit one.

Not only the food but many things make you enjoy the holiday. You can have a good time swimming, go to the gym, and buy some souvenirs near Fullerton Hotel. 

Quality Time for Yourself

Do you want to take a healing trip for yourself? If you do, you can make it to this hotel. This hotel has a spacious swimming pool. You can swim or enjoy yourself there. The vibes are so positive and you will feel Singapore’s fresh air.

You can also order some foods or juice that will make your time more enjoyable. It is not only for solo travelers, but It is also good for couples, teams, or families. Some research finds that healing time with a good atmosphere related to water is very positive. It can be good for you too if you have a bad day or bad time.

Some people also prefer sports when they are on their vacation. It is very entertaining because if you try this, you will feel better. Your body will be healthier and your mood will boost. There is some kind of gym that you can access in this hotel. So, it will not be boring, because the situation is very challenging. Particularly when you like sports a lot.

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After reading about some benefits you can get in the hotel, maybe you want to try the reservation. If you do, you can take  SingapoRediscovers Vouchers. That is a voucher that will make your bill cheaper with the same services. You can stay in this five stars hotel at a more affordable charge. Don’t you think it is a good idea at least once in a lifetime?

If you think that it is a good vacation plan at an affordable price, you can reserve it immediately. Invite your partner or friends. If you want to go to Singapore by yourself, it is a great idea too. Make sure that you do not miss this opportunity!